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A Tribute for my Mother

A Tribute for my Mother        

Student Film Maker Seeking Funds for Project based on HCD Blog Post of a Female-Female Marriage in 1913.

When researching and writing a story for this blog, I never know if  the case is going to resonate with someone on a deeper level. It often does with family members–who read about their relatives as a victim or perpetrator–but when a story connects with someone unrelated to the victims, special things can happen. In […]

Famous Crimes… Vol II Wins Gold Medal for True Crime

Some good news to share… But first, let me apologize for my long absence from the blog and Fb page. I am taking a long mental health vacation. Or, creative health vacation. Something like that. When I come back, I have some great stories to present including “The Case of the Missing Chocolate Pudding!” Just […]

Mug Shot Monday! FBI’s Second Longest Most Wanted Fugitive Found Buried in Wife’s Backyard, Died of Natural Causes in 1999

  On August 4, 1980, forty-nine-year-old Donald Eugene Webb, a career criminal and associate of the Patriarca Crime Family was in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania, preparing to rob a jewelry store when he was stopped by the local police chief during a routine traffic stop. Summary of Webb’s crime from Gregory B. Adams, a 31-year-old police […]

Famous Crimes the World Forgot Vol II Reviewed by Defrosting Cold Cases

Special thanks to cold case blogger Alice de Sturler for the nice write-up and review of Famous Crimes the World Forgot Volume II on her fantastic website, You can read her review here. “My blog (DCC) is a resource blog about old unsolved homicides and wrongful convictions. Many cases have no web presence or […]