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Celebrated Criminal Cases of America, 1830-1910

Celebrated Criminal Cases of America, by Thomas A. Duke, 1910


The Murder of Police Sergeant Anton Nolting and His Remarkable Presentiment

The Strenuous Lives of Senator Broderick and Judge Terry and Their Famous Duel

The Murder of George Hill for a Worthless Cluster of Imitation Diamonds

The Sensational Killing of the Prominent Attorney, Alexander Crittenden, by Laura D. Fair

George Wheeler, “The Strangler”

The Murder of Capitalist Nicholas Skerrit by Attorney Wright Le Roy

The Celebrated Trial of Dr. Milton Bowers for the Murder of His Wife, and The Trial of John Dimmig for the Murder of Henry Benhayon, Mrs. Bowers’ Brother

The Murder of Samuel Jacobson by Sydney Bell, Who Confessed to Participating in Sixty-Five Robberies

The Murder of Addie Gilmour, The Milliner, Whose Skull was Found in the Bay

The Killing of Harry Poole by Jane Shattuck

The Fiendish Murder of the Aged Mrs. Langfeldt by the Former Austrian Army Officer, Joseph Blanther

William M. Fredericks, Murderer, Bank and Stage Robber

The Chinese Highbinders, or Hatchet Men and the Celebrated Lee Chuck and Little Pete Murder Cases and the Race Track Fraud

History of Wm. Henry Theodore Durrant, Murderer of Blanche Lamont and Minnie Williams

History of Charles Becker, King of Forgers

Albert Frederick George Vereneseneckockockhoff (Alias Hoff), Murderer of Mrs. Mary Clute

Frank Miller, Alias Heifler, Who Inveigled a Tramp into the House Where He was Employed and Claiming He was a Burglar, Killed him to Gain a Reward from His Employer

Mrs. Cordelia Botkin, Murderess

The Unsolved Murder of Nora Fuller

Murders and other Crimes Committed by Leon Soeder

The Murderous Career of Milton Franklin Andrews, which was Brought to a Tragic End in San Francisco

Martha Bowers, who Murdered her Husband with Arsenic

George D. Collins, the Brilliant Attorney who Committed Bigamy and Perjury

Louis Dabner and John Seimsen, the “Gas-Pipe” Murderers


The Rise and Fall of Joaquin Murieta, and Tiburcio Vasquez, Mexican bandits operating in California.

The Notorious Majors Family

Erland H. Soderburg, Matricide

The Mysterious Murder of Alice Donohue near Oakland

Career of the Handsome but Notorious Criminal Mathew Kennedy who Operated Throughout America and Australia

Jacob Oppenheimer, Alias “The Hyena”

The Murder of Albert N. McVicar by his Wife, Emma LeDoux

William Wells, who Murdered Mathias Wetzell in Sacramento and Three of his Captors

The Criminal Career of Charles Mortimer—A Remarkable Case of Circumstantial Evidence

The Murder of Aaron M. Tullis by Public Administrator Troy Dye and Two Conspirators Near Sacramento

The Slaughtering of F.H.L. Weber and Wife in Sacramento by the Escaped Russian Refugees

The Remarkable Case of Browning and Brady, Murderers and Train Robbers

Adolph Weber, Bank Robber and Murderer of his Father, Mother, Sister and Brother

The Remarkable Criminal Career of the Stage Robber Charles Boles, Alias “Black Bart”

The Murder of Dr. A.W. Powers in San Benito County

Sontag and Evans, Notorious Train Robbers, Murderers and Jail Breakers

James C. Dunham, Murderer of Six People

The Robbery of the Eureka State Bank and Murder of Banker William Cummings

Robbery of Selby Smelting Works by John Winters

The Sensational Escape of Multi-Murderer Tom Blanck and Several Desperadoes from the Seattle Jail

Harry Tracy, One of the Most Fiendish Desperadoes in Criminal History


Alfred G. Packer, “The Maneater” who Murdered his Five Companions in the Mountains of Colorado Ate their Bodies and Stole their Money

The Murder of James R. Hay in Salt Lake City

The Heinous Murders Committed by the Bender Family in Kansas

Dr. B.C. Hyde’s Diabolical Plot to Gain Possession of Colonel Swope’s Millions

The Famous Murder of Dr. Cronin

The Murder of Mayor Carter H. Harrison of Chicago by Eugene Prendergast

The Famous Case of Adolph Luetgert, Chicago Sausage-Maker

The Youthful but Murderous Chicago Bandits Marks, Van Dine, Neidemeyer and Roeski

Johann Hoch, Notorious Bigamist and Murderer

Belle Gunness

The Murder of New Orleans Police Chief David C. Hennessey

The Criminal of the Century, Herman Mudgett, Alias H.H. Holmes

Marion Hedgepeth, Train Robber and H.H. Holmes Informant

The Celebrated Trunk Murder Case of St. Louis: The Murder of Charles Preller by his Homosexual Lover, Hugh M. Brooks

The Famous Murder of Captain Joseph White

The Murder of Kentucky Governor William Goebel

The Murder of the Beautiful and Accomplished Mrs. Woodill

The Mollie Maquires

The Kidnapping of Little Charley Ross

The Kidnapping of Willie Whitla, 1909

The Murder of a Wealthy Boston Physician by a Harvard Professor

Jesse Pomeroy: America’s Youngest Serial-Killer

The Celebrated Manslaughter Case of Sailor Holmes Who Threw People off an Overcrowded Lifeboat

The Biddle Brothers and the Warden’s Wife

The Sensational Murder of Helen Jewett

The True Story of the Mysterious Murder of Mary Rogers, the “Cigar Girl,”

The Murder of Samuel Adams by John Colt

The Rivalry of Two Playwrights Which Led to a Deadly Riot

The Murder of Dr. Harvey Burdell

The Murder of Pugilist Bill Poole in New York

The Capture and Execution of Slave-Trader Captain Nathaniel Gordon

The Celebrated McFarland-Richardson Murder Trial in New York City

The Sensational Escape of Murderer William Sharkey Who was Never Recaptured

The Career of Conman and Forger, George Bidwell

The Criminal Career of Jimmy Hope, The Most Successful Bank Robber in America

The Sensational Killing of Jay Gould’s Business Associate, Colonel Jim Fisk, by the Aristocratic Edward S. Stokes

The Murder of Multi-Millionaire William M. Rice

The Fiendish Murder of William Guldensuppe

Synopsis of the Case of Harry Thaw, who Killed Stanford White

The Murder of Elsie Sigel, Daughter of a Civil War General

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