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New Book: Notorious San Francisco: True Tales of Crime, Passion and Murder, by Paul Drexler

Editor’s Note: From an anecdotal standpoint, there are four major cities in the United States in which the most interesting murder cases unfold: New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Interesting crimes, famous crimes, and infamous serial killer cases have occurred in all other major American cities, but it seems like the best […]

How to Get 175 Classic True Crime Books for Free

I would like to give my sincere appreciation to — Chris, Ron, Larry, Julie, Jennifer and Jim P.,– who all took the time to write an Amazon review after reading HCD’s latest book, “Vintage True Crime Stories: An Anthology of Forgotten Tales of Muder & Mayhem, Vol II.” – which was released on March 9. […]

Free Copy of VTCS-V2 for Amazon Review!

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! Today is the day to get your free copy of HCD’s newest book, Volume II of our Vintage True Crime Stories series. The Kindle version is now live on Amazon for .99 cents but don’t buy it from them when you can get it for free in exchange for writing a short […]

Volume II of VTCS Available Saturday. Free Digital Copies for Reviews

Volume II of the published series, Vintage True Crime Stories: An Illustrated Anthology of Forgotten Cases of Murder & Mayhem, will be released this Saturday, March 9. Just like last time, a free Kindle/ePub copy will be given to anyone and everyone who is willing to write their unbiased review. If you do read […]

Mug Shot Monday! Arthur Leroy Antoine, 1928, &
Volume II of ‘Vintage True Crime Stories’ TBR this Saturday!

  IN THE 1920s, Arthur Leroy Antoine was an auto-mechanic with a wife and two children. For twelve years, he moved his family from town to town, getting one job after another, always looking for something better and never satisified with what he had. In 1928, he was living in Oakland when he applied that […]