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Mug Shot Monday! Bomb Slayer Rex Brinlee Jr., 1971

This is Rex Brinlee Jr. He was a Tahlequah, Oklahoma plumber and operator of a night club, called “The Library Club,” in 1971 when he was the chief suspect in the theft of a pick-up truck from a used car-lot. A witness in that case, Don Bolding, of Bristow, was set to testify against him. […]

Mug Shot Monday: Bank Robber Coney Coffey,

. Today’s mug shot belongs to Tulsa bank robber Coney Coffey. Coffey robbed a bank in Tulsa in 1924 and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. While in prison, he contracted tuberculosis. He escaped twice in 1934 by tunneling underneath the tuberculosis wing of the Oklahoma State Penitentiary hospital with 7(?) other prisoners. During […]

2 Cars, 6 People Missing 43 & 44 years Found at Bottom of Lake in Oklahoma

Skeletal remains of six people missing since 1969 and 1970 were found in two cars at the bottom of Foss Lake, Custer County, Oklahoma Tuesday afternoon (Sept 17, 2013) after authorities found their two submerged automobiles with new sonar they had been testing. The first car pulled from the lake was a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro […]

Father Poisons Family, Oklahoma, 1934

After my last post (The Andrea Yates Epidemic of 1901) I remembered reading this filicide story (a parent who kills their children) and decided to post it because it has subtle differences to it compared to the mothers in the 1901 story. The father’s excuses and story in this post seem a little “hinky.” Isn’t […]

Prince Yogi of Tulsa, 1935

The supposedly occult powers of Prince Yogi, otherwise known as James Rollett, were not sufficient to keep the Yogi out of jail, nor once behind the bars, allay his apprehension about the future he is supposed to read like a book. Despite protestations that he earned his living by telling fortunes, Yogi was arrested Tuesday […]

Chester the Molester: Spree-Killer Chester Comer

The bullet in Chester Comer’s head made it difficult for him to speak. As he lay on the floor of a mechanic’s garage in Blanchard, Oklahoma, his head bandaged with a bloody towel, state crime bureau agents and lawmen from four counties knelt down to try and make sense of his mumbling, incoherent words. “Chester, […]