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Chester the Molester: Spree-Killer Chester Comer

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The bullet in Chester Comer’s head made it difficult for him to speak. As he lay on the floor of a mechanic’s garage in Blanchard, Oklahoma, his head bandaged with a bloody towel, state crime bureau agents and lawmen from four counties knelt down to try and make sense of his mumbling, incoherent words.

Chester Comer

Chester Comer

“Chester, is Ray Evan’s body in the Canadian River,” agent Clint Miers asked the hitch-hiking murderer. He was desperate to learn the location of five bodies before the killer himself died on the floor.

Chester shook his head “no.”

Miers pressed the 23 year-old gunman further but yielded to Oklahoma County Sheriff Stanley Rogers who had more luck when he heard Chester mutter the words:

“North of Ada –bunch of bodies,” he mumbled loud enough to hear. “Three bodies…oh, piles of bodies.”

That would be enough information to send 100s of volunteers searching the back roads, creeks, and fields near Ada, Oklahoma, looking for Chester’s victims. But it was time for him to get to the hospital. Blanchard didn’t have the medical facilities for a man with a gunshot to the head and four other bullets in him. They needed to keep Chester alive. He was bleeding out all over the place. Oklahoma City, with specialists and the best hospital in the state, was 30 miles away but the small hospital in Chickasha was closer to Blanchard.

They chose Oklahoma City.

State crime bureau agents loaded Chester in the dead man’s car he’d been caught driving and with a police escort drove north to Oklahoma City. The devil was dying in the back seat and they needed to keep him alive long enough to find his victims.

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