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Feature Story Comes to Life

  This is amazing and I wanted to share it with everyone. Its one of the great things that happen when you have a blog like this one. Back in March, I posted a story from the October, 1930 issue of True Detective Mysteries that I titled, “The Baby Snatcher.” It was the story about […]

The Witch Craft Murder of Clothilde Marchand

While researching newspaper coverage of other crimes, I came across trial coverage of the strange murder of Clothilde Marchand in 1930. What came out of that trial is a bizarre tale with the following ingredients: A Ouija board, witchcraft, an Indian faith healer, manipulation and coercion to kill, and a philandering sculptor who claimed it […]

Leon Turner and the Whitt brothers, 1950

On Jan. 1, 1950 ne’er do well brothers Malcolm and Windol Whitt, and Leon Turner broke out of the Attalla County Jail in Mississippi. The three  men were serving time for the attempted rape of a 15 year-old black girl named Verlena Harris. Leon Turner had suffered the shame of being convicted for molesting a […]

Innocent Man Freed After 15 Years in Missouri Prison & Asylum, 1932-1947

Posted from: “Full Pardon Asked For One Who Paid For another Man’s Crime,” The Sunday News and Tribune, Jefferson City, MO, Nov. 2, 1947   Attorneys for Frank Werther, 47, who served nearly 15 years in the Missouri state penitentiary here and state mental hospitals after conviction of a crime he did not commit, are […]

Mug Shot: Child Killer Fred Stroble, 1949

. Story #1: Child Brutally Slain in LA, Suspect is Hunted LOS ANGELES, CA, Nov. 15, 1949: The gashed and mutilated body of six year-old Linda Glucoft was found today in a rubbish heap, wrapped in a brightly colored Indian blanket. Police Sgt. Bill Brennan said he definitely had established that the blanket came from […]

Army Wife Acquitted for Murder of Horrible Husband in 1955

Wife Accused of Mate’s Murder Sobs Out Details [Sendai, Japan, Aug. 6, 1955] — An attractive 26 year-old Army wife on trial for her life yesterday told an Army court-martial through shuddering sobs how the husband she Is accused of murdering bragged of his lurid sex life, beat her end threatened the lives of her […]

The Genesis of the Lie-Detector Test

. Told he was dying from a heat stroke, Fuller Schallenberger confessed on a hot summer day in July 1913, that he and another man, Charles Kopf, murdered Julian Behaud in 1899 at the victim’s home in Julian, Nebraska. When Schallenberger awoke the next morning, he was well on his way to recovering. Unfortunately, he […]

Handsome Jack Hill Was a Woman, 1913

Update to this story posted on May 16, 2018: Earlier this year, a graduate student in cinema directing at Columbia College in Chicago discovered this unique story of two women who married in small town Colorado in 1913. For her, this story connected with her own struggles in her native Russia. After reading about this […]

2 Cars, 6 People Missing 43 & 44 years Found at Bottom of Lake in Oklahoma

Skeletal remains of six people missing since 1969 and 1970 were found in two cars at the bottom of Foss Lake, Custer County, Oklahoma Tuesday afternoon (Sept 17, 2013) after authorities found their two submerged automobiles with new sonar they had been testing. The first car pulled from the lake was a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro […]

Freshman Hazing Ends in Death, 1918

Re-posted From: New Albany Evening Tribune, Sept. 14, 1918, page 1. Raleigh, N.C. Sept. 14, 1918 —Upon the charge of murder, four terror stricken youths stood defendants in court, the result of the hazing of Isaac William Rand, Bon of a prominent lumberman of Smithfleld, North Carolina. The accused are sophomores at the University of […]