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The Longest Prison Sentences Ever Served

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Johnson Van Dyke Grigsby

Johnson Van Dyke Grigsby, 66 years.

Ever wondered who has served the longest prison sentence in US history and how long it was? How about in the entire world? Who, how long and where?

And what was it like to give up more than six decades of your life? What happens to a person who serves 60-plus years in prison?

In an excellent, and very, very long article he began in 2010, and then updated over the next few years, historian Mike Dash gives us the answers. Since the article was updated, the information at the top is little off from what we read further down.

The longest served prison sentence goes to Australian Charles Fossard who served 70 years and 303 days.

The top three in the United States were:
1 Paul Geidel (NY). 68 years, 245 days §
2 Johnson Van Dyke Grigsby (IN). 66 years, 123 days §
3 William “The Lipstick Killer” Heirens (IL). 65 years, 181 days

The article contains accounts from Geidel and Van Dyke Grigsby that you will surely find interesting.

Dash goes even one step further by uncovering who has served the longest sentence in each state, as well as New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Whether you are from Texas, Washington, Florida, Massachusettes, or Pennsylvania, you’ll find the answer with a story and in many cases, rare photos you’ll want to see.

Great article, great research and great reading for your weekend.



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