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The Lazy Lothario, 1929-31

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He boasted of his success as a ladies’ man. “Give me just two weeks with any woman in the world and she will give me the key to her heart,” he flaunted. “After all, I can’t be blamed for marrying all these women. What’s a popular man going to do? I have to please the women, and they are always chasing me.”

– George Perry, Bigamist Wife Killer

From: “Who Killed Cora Belle Hackett?” by Hyland J. Barnes, The Milwaukee Journal, The Green Sheet, Two Part Series Published on April 4 & 5, 1938, page 1 and page 1.


HARRY ST. GERMAIN prodded the misshapen bundle which lay across the deserted trail.

He had been sent to this densely wooded area of the Lac du Flambeau Indian reservation near Eagle River, Wisconsin to repair a broken telephone line and had stumbled over this mysterious object partially covered with leaves.

St. Germain dropped to his knees and began scraping away the leaves. Suddenly he drew back, shocked. He was looking at the body of a woman!

Turning from the weird spectacle, St. Germain hurried to phone Coroner Pat Gaffney. It was Sept. 30. 1930, and he had uncovered a ghastly murder that was to involve seven innocent women, a dapper Don Juan and was to send police of more than a dozen states on a nation-wide manhunt.


The deserted logging trail where Cora Belle Hackett’s body was found near Eagle River, Wisconsin

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