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Mug Shot Monday! Robert Gerald Davis, 1975

Robert Gerald Davis On July 1, 1974, Davis and three accomplices robbed a Camden, New Jersey, grocery store and during their getaway, shot six bystanders who got in their way, including a thirteen-year-old boy. The boy later died and Davis fled to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, where he and another accomplice got into a shootout with two […]

Mug Shot Monday! James Carhart, 1975

. On the night of March 28, 1975, James Carhart, a former Army Sharpshooter from the 101st Airborne Division, “went berserk” and used his rifle to pick-off two police officers from the window of his third floor duplex in Mount Holly, New Jersey. Officers William Wurst and Donald Aleshire, died as they exited their patrol […]

Mug Shot Monday! John Elgin Johnson, 1953

  John Elgin Johnson, 1919 to 1953, was a career criminal who ended up in the federal prison system for robbing banks. After a failed escape attempt from Fort Leavenworth that left one guard severely injured, Johnson was sent to Alcatraz in 1944. He served nine years there and was released in 1953. During his […]

Mug Shot Monday! George Edward Cole, 1957

George Edward Cole George Edward Cole shot and killed a San Francisco Police Sergeant during a hold-up of a tavern on Dec. 30, 1956. He was placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted List on Feb. 25, 1957. He was captured two years later in Des Moines, Iowa after a citizen identified his girlfriend, Yvonne Conley, […]

The Premonition of Sgt. Anton Nolting, 1909

Jan. 8, 1909, San Francisco, CA Anton J. F. Nolting was born in San Francisco on February 9, 1860. He was of a studious disposition and acquired a high education. As a young man he was in comfortable circumstances financially but meeting with reverses, he joined the San Francisco Police Force on December 2, 1895. […]