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Welcome to [Est. 2013], where you will discover forgotten crimes and criminals lost to history. This blog is the official website for true crime writer Jason Lucky Morrow, author of four books including the popular series: Famous Crimes the World Forgot, Volume I and Volume II. Please follow us on Facebook, for updates. Contact me here.

Vintage True Crime Stories: A New Anthology Series Presented by Historical Crime Detective

On July 1, 2013, our humble blog was introduced to the internet with a mission to present historical true crime stories from our past that we believe are being lost and ignored. For every account of good versus evil in American history, there are hundreds of vintage true crime stories that remain anonymous; unknown to students of history, true crime, and the criminal justice system. HCD advocates that these stories still have value, and that the lives of those who lived them are still important.

To discover the lessons they can teach us, and the wisdom they impart, these long-neglected stories of American life must be preserved.

Discovering these forgotten cases, researching them, and crafting great stories for contemporary readers to enjoy is one way we fulfill our mission. During these past five years (2013-2018), Historical Crime Detective Publishing has guided the creation and release of four books by blog Founder and Editor, Jason Lucky Morrow. Despite their success and demand for future volumes, HCD Publishing was never created to focus on the work of one individual. Great stories are great stories that need to be told–no matter when they were written or who crafted them. The greatest stories in the world offer us nothing if they cannot be read, which is the same as if they were never written at all.

Preservation is achieved by promotion; introducing new readers to compelling stories recorded long-ago. To breathe new life into these old cases, HCD Publishing is compiling and presenting a new anthology series simply titled, Vintage True Crime Stories. Starting this summer of 2018 with the release of Volume One, each book will offer a collection of the best true crime stories you never heard about. Cherry picked by the editor, these cases are absolutely incredible–overflowing with all the dramatic elements required for great story telling.

But new books with forgotten stories is not all we are excited to bring to consumers. HCD Publishing has innovated a new concept for publishing that provides readers with bonus material related to each book that will be accessible through a companion web page dedicated to that volume.

Hosted on this website, readers can visit the companion page and enjoy a chapter-by-chapter photo gallery that includes all the images published in each volume–plus additional photographs, diagrams, maps, drawings, and illustrations that were not included in the book. [For various reasons, many of these images are better suited for placement on the companion web page.]

Just below each photo gallery there is a “Further Reading” section with thumbnail links to .pdf files containing original newspaper coverage. A description of the contents for each pdf file is included.

In the past, when one finished reading a book, that was it–there was nowhere else to go. Now, readers who enjoyed the stories in each volume of Vintage True Crime Stories can explore those cases more thoroughly online.

“The companion web page is a great concept that gives the reader more then they expected,” HCD founder Jason Morrow said. “This is a simple, easy thing to do that costs nothing–so why wouldn’t we do it? If we can enhance the reader’s experience by showing them some of the original, raw material, it brings them a little closer to the story. A connection is made, and that’s what readers love about great books.”


Companion Web Page with Bonus Material for
Vintage True Crime Stories:
An Illustrated Anthology of Forgotten Cases of Murder & Mayhem,
Volume I
Companion Web Page with Bonus Material for
Vintage True Crime Stories:
An Illustrated Anthology of Forgotten Cases of Murder & Mayhem,
Volume II(coming soon)


Vintage True Crime Stories, Volume II, Companion Page (coming soon).