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Ohio Vintage True Crime Stories

State Directory : Ohio

These true crime stories from Ohio appear on the Historical Crime Detective blog.

Mug Shot Monday! Richard Lee Tingler Jr., 1968

Richard Lee Tingler Jr was a six time murderer who was placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted List on December 20, 1968. He was arrested in Dill City, Oklahoma, on May 19, 1969. The following article is from the FBI’s booklet, Ten Most Wanted 60th Anniversary, 1950-2010.   On the morning of September 16, 1968, […]

Serial Killer Anna Marie Hahn, 1933-1938

Anna Marie Hahn was a female serial killer who became the first woman ever to be executed in Ohio after it was confirmed that she poisoned five old men to death in order to gain their estates through fraudulently produced wills or by raiding their bank accounts. In 1927, Anna emigrated from Germany and settled […]

The Corpse in Coffee Creek, 1936, Ohio

  First Published: “The Corpse in Coffee Creek-Secrets of Ohio’s Tragic Triangle,” by Detective Otto H. Diskowski, Homicide Squad, Cleveland Police Department, as told to R. Rodgers, True Detective Mysteries, May, 1938.  Want to read this story later on your tablet? Download PDF File of The Corpse in Coffee Creek CHARLES SALWAY SLOWLY MADE HIS […]

The Story of a ‘Gangster Queen,’ 1931

The following story is the “confession” Cecile Valore made to Cleveland authorities before she was sentenced to prison for her part in a murder. At the bottom is link a to Google News Archive page of a Sunday Edition Full Page Story about Cecile and her husband’s gang and their crimes.   Mrs. Cecile Valore […]