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Arizona Vintage True Crime Stories

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These true crime stories from Arizona appear on the Historical Crime Detective blog.


Excellent Police Work Solves 1919 Murder Nichan Martin Executed in Arizona 1921

During the late evening hours of October 4, 1919, a shepherd tending a flock east of Seligman, Arizona, discovered the smoldering, badly burned body of a man behind a small hill located one hundred feet from the transcontinental road known at the time as the National Old Trails Road. The following day, he reported the […]

Blame it on the Teacher, 1964

Summary: Student with poor grades murders one woman, injures two others including his English Tutor. Story 1: “Tucson Youth Goes Wild, Kills Woman,” by Dominic Crolla, Tucson Daily Citizen, May 16, 1964 pages 1 and 6. A bitter argument over his poor marks in English triggered a wild rampage early today by an enraged 16-year-old […]

The Execution of Eva Dugan

The following article might explain why the first woman executed in Arizona also became the last woman executed in Arizona. Let’s just say, it did not go as planned. She was sentenced to hang for the murder of a rancher she was employed with after his buried body was miraculously discovered 11 months after the […]

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