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Welcome to [Est. 2013], where you will discover forgotten crimes and criminals lost to history. This blog is the official website for true crime writer Jason Lucky Morrow, author of four books including the popular series: Famous Crimes the World Forgot, Volume I and Volume II. Please follow us on Facebook, for updates. Contact me here.

HCD’s First True Crime Podcast via

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True Crime podcast presenter, Mike Boudet, of is a big fan of and enthusiastically sought an interview with yours truly, HCD founder Jason L Morrow. He allowed me to choose one of my self-written stories for presentation and discussion on his podcast. The story I chose for what will be our first of many such installments, was “The Bizarre Tahlequah Coed Case.” To read that story, click here.

But even better, you can go to his beautifully designed website and listen to it yourself. Mike is a complete pro at piecing together a fascinating podcast. Sure, there are lots out there, but you can tell Mike has professional training and natural talent at putting together a podcast that is the same caliber as a nationwide radio program. It’s that good. Mike is that good. From his interviewing skills, his guidance through the storytelling, to his musical intros and seques, and his wrap up, Mike Boudet’s true crime podcast merits a large audience. He’s one of those talented individuals you watch for so you can later say, “I knew him when…”

True crime lovers will enjoy ALL of his podcasts. Instead of listening to the radio on your way to work, or tv while you are cooking dinner, subscribe to his podcast at itunes or catch them on his website.

“Sword and Scale is a true-crime podcast that covers the underworld of criminal activity and the demented minds that perform the most despicable and unthinkable actions.  We cover everything from high-profile trials to unsolved murders and missing person’s cases.”

To listen to our presentation of “The Bizarre Tahlequah Coed Case” click on the link below, episode 14, click on the purple colored arrow on that page, and fast forward to the 17:00 minute mark.

I hope you enjoy this story, and I know you will enjoy Mike’s True Crime Podcasts.


True Crime Book: Famous Crimes the World Forgot Vol II, 384 pages, Kindle just $3.99, More Amazing True Crime Stories You Never Knew About! = GOLD MEDAL WINNER, True Crime Category, 2018 Independent Publisher Awards.


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