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Massachusetts Vintage True Crime Stories

State Directory : Massachusetts

These true crime stories from Massachusetts appear on the Historical Crime Detective blog.

The Murder in Room 406, 1925, Boston

  Originally Titled: “The Crime in Room 406,” by Sgt. Thomas Harvey, as told to Fred H. Thompson, True Detective, Sept. 1930. Want to Read This Story Later On Your Tablet? Download PDF file of The Murder in  Room 406 . “Something terrible has happened over at Hotel Hollis!” These were the words that greeted […]

Kardashian Murdered in 1916

In 1916, Newton, Massachusetts tailor Manoog Kardashian was attacked by one of his employees who stabbed him with cutting shears and bit a chunk out of his right cheek over what may be one of the dumbest reasons to assault someone. Kardashian died nine days later, but not necessarily from his wounds. I came across […]

Workplace Violence in 1901

The following story points out that instances of rage killing in the workplace are not limited to the modern era. I searched for follow-up stories to this incident but could find nothing. From Pig-killer to Man Killing SOMERVILLE. MASS. July 5, 1901. With a maniacal shriek, John Murphy turned from pig-sticking to man killing in […]