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How to Get 175 Classic True Crime Books for Free

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I would like to give my sincere appreciation to — Chris, Ron, Larry, Julie, Jennifer and Jim P.,– who all took the time to write an Amazon review after reading HCD’s latest book, Vintage True Crime Stories: An Anthology of Forgotten Tales of Muder & Mayhem, Vol II.” – which was released on March 9.

As I promised to them, and ALL who read the book and write a review, I have just mailed your data DVDs with 175 Classic True Crime Books. It took me about five years to slowly put this collection together and I believe it is the largest one ever assembled on a single DVD.

I carefully organized the 175 books into relevant subject folders, and gave each .pdf a name with full title, author, year published, and the number of pages.

This DVD offer, with your choice of 1. 175 true crime books, or 2. 35 vintage true crime magazines (which was the free gift last time), is available to anyone who reads this book, and posts an unbiased review on Amazon. If you didn’t like it and give it 2 stars, you still get the free DVD of your choice. There is no obligation with your rating/review.

The Kindle book is only .99 cents, which is the lowest price I could make it.


P.S. If you HAVE already written a review but not contacted me yet, please do so. I would love to send you these 175 books. You will enjoy having them to read whenever you want.


True Crime Book: Famous Crimes the World Forgot Vol II, 384 pages, Kindle just $3.99, More Amazing True Crime Stories You Never Knew About! = GOLD MEDAL WINNER, True Crime Category, 2018 Independent Publisher Awards.


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