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Mug Shot Monday! Ronald O’Bryan: ‘The Candy Man,’ & ‘The Man Who Ruined Halloween,’ 1974

On Halloween night, 1974, Ronald O’Bryan took his eight-year-old-son, Timothy, and his daughter, trick-or-treating with some other neighborhood friends near their home in the Deer Park suburb of Houston. Since there was a light rain falling, they only collected candy in a two-block area for half-an-hour before returning home. As he went to bed, Ronald […]

Candy From a Stranger: The Cordelia Botkin Case of 1898

  The following story was written by Thomas Duke in 1910. At the end of the story are links to more articles, a video, and there has even been a movie made recently about this case. The Botkin-Dunning Case was the first time the US Postal Service had been used to commit murder.     […]

The Confessions of Serial-Killer “Texas Jim”

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